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Beyond Jubilee

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, across the street from a factory that made automotive glass. The repetitive sound of the assembly line was soothing to me; I would lay in my bed at night watching the reflections made by the conveyer belts march across my wall. Looking back, I can see how much those nights have influenced my art. I first came in contact with surrealism about 1972. Like many others, I bought a book about Salvador Dali and carried it with me wherever I went. Slowly I became more and more attracted to the darker side of things. Most of the images here come from video stills and scans of vintage photographs and things I've collected over the years. I think you could say that the decay of the industrial world motivates a lot of my art and music. I owe a great debt to the Surrealist movement as well as all the astronomers and scientists of the world.